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FAQs at Skylite Blinds

Q: How do I find my Velux Prefix Code and Numeric Code?

A: The ® Velux Prefix Code and Numeric Code are detailed on your window frame.

Q:How do I find my Fakro Prefix Code and Numeric Code?

A: The ® Fakro Prefix Code and Numeric Code are detailed on your window frame.

Q:Where do you deliver blinds to?

A: We deliver blinds to all European countries. You can select your destination country in a drop down menu in the purchasing phase.

Q:Do your prices include Delivery?

A:If you live in Ireland, the delivery charge is €7.50 . An additional charge applies to delivery outside this area.

Q:I do not know which brand my roof window is, can you help?

A:No problem, although we may not have all manufacturers listed in our shop, we make blinds for all types of roof windows. Simply e-mail us or call us and we will be more than glad to help you.

Q:I am no DIY expert, are the roof window blinds hard to install?

A:You don't need to be a DIY expert to install our roof window blinds. All you require is a screwdriver and 5 mins. Take a look at the video on the website and see how easy the task is.

Q:What is the difference between a Maxi and a Solas blind?

A:The Maxi range extruded plastic side rails along the length of the blind. The bottom bar locks into notches at a set position along the length. There is a 2-3mm gap along the bottom, so the blind is not blackout. The Solas range has aluminium side guides along the length of the blind. The fabric runs inside these guides and prevents the light from getting in. The bottom handle has a seal which blocks out the light at the bottom. The blind can be placed in any postion from fully opened to fully closed.

Q:I have ordered the wrong size/colour can I exchange it?

A:No problem. Simply return the blind to us and we will send you the new size/colour.

Q:Why are you cheaper than Velux/Fakro/Colt? Is it because your blinds are lower quality?

A:We have developed our blind system over 2 years, and are so confident in the design of the blind, it comes with a three year guarantee. All our skylight blinds are checked individually and have been tailored to the exact dimensions of the manfacturers windows. So although we have competitive prices, we have not compromised on the design or quality of our products.

Q:How does your blackout blind compare against other non-original types available online?

A:Our blind has a very important design feature which other types do not have. To be truly blackout, the blind must have a protective case on the back of the top cassette unit and our Solas blackout roller blinds have this feature. This has a number of benefits- it stops light leaking in at the top when the blind is fully closed, it prevents the fading of the fabric by sun which results in bands of faded fabric, and it prevents damaging or marking the fabric during installation. So for the prices listed, you are getting a higher quality blind, a three year guarantee and a full choice of colours and fabrics to choose from.

Q:Can I supply my own fabric to fit to a blind?

A: Yes. Contact us with the roof window details so we can advise on the size and type of fabric required and which fabrics will work as a roller blind.

Q: I have my own image/design and want to put it on my skylight blind. Is this possible?

A: Yes. If you supply us with the image, we can put it onto the roof window blind size of your choice. It is a very cost effective way of making a unique blind . We have printed landscapes, patterns, cars, logos, football teams, and even pets onto our blinds. Everyone is different, so why not have a different blind!

Q:I have had my blind installed for years and want to update my colour. Can you change my fabric?

A:No problem. Our aluminium profiles and springs are so strong, they can be reused again and again. Simply send us your blind and we will refurbish it for you, replacing the fabric giving it a full inspection and saving you money too.

Q:My roof window is hard to reach. Can you help?

A: With an  opening pole, the sky is the limit. Order it online and it will not only operate your blind, but it will open your Velux® roof windows too. We are also developing a battery operated remote control blind which will be launched in Spring 2011.

Q:Are you flexible with your delivery?

A: Of course. Our dispatching team will organise delivery of your roof window blinds when you want them and where you want them. "If I'm out, put them behind the oil tank"- no problem; "I could be lifting the kids so leave them in the shrub bush"- no problem. Just let us know!

Q:I don't have an account with Paypal. Can I still pay by credit card?

A:Yes. You can still use the Paypal system to pay even if you are not previously registered. You will need to put in your delivery address during the process. Paypal is a secure way to pay and is the preferred payment means on many internet sites now. To pay by Laser Card please telephone ....